All research related orders must fall within Federal, State, and Local regulations, any inquiries that do not, will be ignored and disposed of. All research materials are strictly required to be used for scientific research. This research may include, but is not limited to, in vitro experimentation, in silico experimentation, structural chemical synthesis or as an analytical standard within GC/MS, FTIR or NMR catalogs. Any orders made by an individual, group or corporation are subject to denial. Only licensed entities may order our research materials.

By entering this domain or by entering into any type of communication with any member, employee, associate, subsidiary, affiliate, partner, owner or volunteer of the Albion [OPERATOR], you [RESEARCHING ENTITY] or any entity legally represented by the researching entity, consequently creates a non-binding agreement, which in turn will be used in the subsequent process to to help create the legally binding agreement required to fully engage with the operator. The aforementioned process includes thoroughly reading all documents provided by the operator, as well as engaging in legally required negotiations with the operator, which will in turn be used in the creation of the binding agreement. This signed and mutually agreed upon details the researching entity’s responsibilities, which are to be performed as reasonable actions specifically made to uphold the Terms of Service, Policy Statement, Hold Harmless Agreement, User Agreement and any other documents deemed necessary at the time of the agreement. To be legally binding, the signed agreement must hold the operator to an equal level of responsibility in which would be applied to the research entity. These aforementioned steps must be completed before any communication, beyond the initial message needed to initiate the process, or site entry may be attempted. The operator agrees to provide the researching entity with reasonable terms and conditions, as well as any reasonable requests made by operator or the researching entity, which would be needed to legally enter the negotiating process.

By inquiring about research material acquisition, the obtaining researcher or laboratory agrees to only use the materials in a licensed and regulated manner. By making an inquiry on materials, the inquirer is affirming that they have legal permission and the proper licenses to possess and acquire research materials within their city, county, state, providence, region, country, or continent. By making an inquiry, the perspective researcher accepts full legal responsibility and agrees to limit the liability of the ownership group. While our collective of laboratories has numerous internal processes already implemented to monitor rapidly changing laws pertaining to research materials, it is ultimately up to the requesting entity to be in full compliance with their regional rules and regulations.